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Writing Services

Writing Services, Ink-orporated can fill a wide variety of content needs, including technical documentation, Website content, instructional materials, marketing collateral, sales pieces, news commentary and more.

Technical Documentation
At Writing Services, Ink-orporated, we are adept at translating complex concepts into simple explanations and easy-to-follow steps for any audience. We provide installation, maintenance and user manuals, sales evaluation guides, XML configuration instructions, API manuals and online help systems.

Website Content
Writing Services, Ink-orporated also supplies Web content for companies, non-profit organizations, individuals and others. We specialize in clear, concise and engaging messaging that speaks to a wide audience. Through the use of widely-accepted techniques for effective online writing, we convey just enough information to whet the appetite for more, without bogging the reader down.

Instructional Materials
Our instructional materials range from PowerPoint presentations to training guides and include advance notification packets for corporate customers that outline minimum requirements for classroom setup, required materials, daily agendas, feedback forms, etc. Our courses stress interactivity and group exercises to keep students engaged through active learning principles taught by the Society for Training and Development.

Marketing Collateral
Here at Writing Services, Ink-orporated, we believe that marketing materials can speak to a target audience without the use of acronyms, jargon and cliches. Using simple, straightforward language, we convey corporate messaging, technical concepts, and sales pitches that leave prospective clients and customers with a clear understanding of your mission and product purpose.

Sales Materials
Writing Services, Ink-orporated's sales materials are known for clarity, consistency of messaging and brevity. We can generate RFIs, RFPs, product evaluation presentations and more from scratch, or edit existing materials to improve their efficacy.

Documentary Scripts
Transform your travel video into a documentary with a custom-written script and editing. Writing Services, Ink-orporated views your footage, interviews you about your goals and messaging, then puts together a script for you to read as a voice-over.